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NOTE: Firefox on desktop may cause issues – please use Chrome browser, thanks.


RECOMMENDED SITE APPS: VLC (Android) VLC for Apple, MX Player (Android) MX Player Apple

You do not need to download any software to play PPV events – PPV video plays in your browser, you must allow the page to open.


Viewer FAQ

iPPV – How do I buy an event?

Go to the page that shows your event. You will see a box that says “ADD TO CART” with the price next to it. Press that button. Follow the instructions to step through payment. A pop-up window may open to facilitate this process, let it open. Do NOT navigate away or press the browser BACK button, as the video page loads right in your browser.

If you buy an All Events pass for multiple events, bookmark that page. Browser cookies should keep that PPV active for you. If not, use the link provided in email. No email? CONTACT US, we can send you your encrypted link. contact form. Tech Support is standing by during all live events to help you.

iPPV – How do I watch an event once I’ve purchased it?

The game link will be in your browser and will load in the browser – do not refresh or navigate away – it may take a few minutes for the payment to process and the links to be available.You also get a copy to the email address that you used to purchase with unless you have a Paypal account. Then it goes to the email on record.

If you can’t add to cart, please make sure your browser can accept cookies. This site is a great resource for more info.

If you don’t see your links, please contact us using our contact form. Tech Support is standing by during all live events to help you. They are located in Michigan on EDT. We cannot take phone calls, as we are unable to send you links through the phone. If you call, you will be directed to send an email.
We make every effort to assist users and cannot be responsible for hardware or software configurations that prevent video from playing.

How do I search for an Event or content within an Event?

To search for an event or specific content, enter an Event name, tag or keyword in the “Search” field on the top of any page, then press the Return/Enter key.

You can also search for results in the Archives. On any page, go to the right hand side, scroll down to Archives.

Choose your month, and all the events in that month will appear.

iPPV – How do I buy an event?

When I click on the game link, all I see is a plug-in prompt or a message saying “Stay Tuned…” or “M3u not available” What is happening?

If you see only a plug-in prompt or a message that reads, “Stay Tuned…” or “M3u not available” it is likely that the stream you are trying to watch is not yet active. Please confirm the event has started; if so, wait five minutes and check the link again. Also check our Facebook page and Twitter feeds – if a venue can’t deliver a game on time and has contacted us, we often post updates there.

How can I improve the quality of my video feed?

The media player is designed to automatically choose the best video quality setting for you based on the speed of your connection.

For an optimal viewing experience we recommend that you install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. When playing a live or archived game, if the media player continues to buffer, repeatedly reconnect, or shows only a frame-by-frame “choppy” feed, then there may be a problem with the bandwidth (speed) of your connection. Standard content is streamed at a minimum of 1800kbps, so your bandwidth must be consistently pulling 1800kbps to receive a feed. High quality content is streamed within 3000kbps and your bandwidth must be consistently pulling 90% of the streaming rate to receive a high-quality video feed.

For an accurate reading of your connection speed, perform a bandwidth test. Bandwidth fluctuates, so perform multiple tests. Keep in mind the test results reflect your bandwidth at the time of testing. Your bandwidth may be different at another time, e.g. the following day or even a few hours later. The recommended bandwidth for standard content is 1800kbps; the recommended bandwidth for higher quality content is 3000kbps and above. A user connecting below the required bandwidth may experience choppiness on their streams.

Finally, if you have implemented the above recommendations and still experience a poor quality video feed, heavy Internet traffic may be the problem.

iPPV – How do I watch my event on my SmartTV/Alternate device?

We do not support the Samsung Smart TV yet, try at your own risk. If you can, try to buy the event on the device you plan to watch it with – we are unable to “transfer” the PPV permissions to an alternate device.

I tried to log in to view the game and received a message telling me that I have logged in too many times, or am logged in on multiple computers, what should I do?

Please confirm that other people are not using your account. If you have shared your account information with other people, then you may be prevented from using the email link. It is set to lock multiple users from accessing it. We are unable to re-set the link once access has been provided to other users.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to view?

We recommend viewing video from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 5Mbps.

If we are streaming at a higher bitrate you may need a higher speed. We average fairly high bitrates for increased quality.

To test your speed, go to Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on WiFi and mobile internet),


As a general rule your download bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the event you’re trying to view.

How do I view an Event?

It is recommended you have the following minimum requirements installed on your PC or Mac to access our streams:
Most videos are now using a browser-native format called HLS – you should be able to view the video without needing a specific Flash version. Older OS such as Windows XP and older browsers such as IE 7 may still use Flash. We recommend moving to Chrome for a better viewing experience.

FLASH – soon to be deprecated

Flash Player 10 – 10,0,32,18


Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11

Firefox 3.0.4

Safari 3.1.2 (525.21)

Opera 9.6.4

Google Chrome


Windows 7*, 8, or 10

Apple Macintosh: OSX

* Please be advised that Windows 7 (64 bit) is not supported due to Adobe not developing a 64 bit Flash Player at this time. If you have Windows 7 64 bit then please ensure that you are using a 32 bit browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.
PC Operating systems such as Vista will NOT be supported by our tech staff.

How do I watch on a set-top box?

Roku Add Our Channel:!details/44183/go-live-sports-cast

Get a Roku device today

You can also use Chromecast to watch in a browser. Get Chromecast accessories here.
Don’t forget to rate us!

You can also go on your Roku and choose Channel Store > Sports and then scroll over and down until you see the Go Live Sports Cast logo.

Need a Roku?
Roku 3 Streaming Media Player


How do I participate in chat or comment on events?

If chat is enabled for an event, a chat window will be on the event page. Click on the chat window on the Event page when the event is live.

You must sign in with your email address and password once you have created an account in order to participate.

Further instructions will be available at that time.

How do I watch a video in full screen?

To view a Live broadcast in full screen, click on the
BOX-shaped icon on the bottom right of the video player. The video will expand. Pres the ESC key to return to regular size.

The player isn’t loading (I’m getting a spinning wheel),
what could be the problem?

– Please ensure that you have javascript and cookies enabled and that you have no security
settings or ad-blockers that could be preventing you from loading the stream. If you have any Internet Security Programs (e.g., Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee), Firewalls or add-ons (e.g., Adblock Plus) that include an Ad-Block feature, you may need to either disable the Ad-Block feature or disable the program entirely. In addition to Adblock Plus, other Firefox add-ons which can prevent the media player from loading properly are Flashblock and NoScript. If you are having problems with the Media Player and have these add-ons installed, disable or uninstall them.

You may also be behind a firewall that is stopping the content. To receive content, we recommend setting as a trusted site in your firewall software. Please consult the Help section of your firewall software for further support.

If you are still having problems you may need to disable your firewall software or find out if your network (especially if you are in an office) prevents or features (such as videos) from loading.
– Ensure that you have Flash player 10.0.32 or above installed (you can download the latest Flash player here:
– Ensure that you don’t have a Firewall or network security setting in place which could be blocking Flash playback

The player loads but the video is stuttering or choppy,
what could be the problem?

– In order to view streaming video smoothly you will need a broadband connection. Ensure that
your connection speed is sufficient by visiting You should have
at least 5Mbs downstream for reliable playback of medium quality video.

  • If you are on a wireless connection try switching to a wired connection, or move
    closer to the wireless router for a stronger signal.
  • If you are running other bandwidth intensive programs you may want to quit out of
    these as they could be taking away from your available bandwidth
  • If you are on a shared internet connection others may be using bandwidth intensive
    programs that are reducing your available downstream bandwidth
  • If you experience video stalling problems only during full-screen mode, try minimizing your screen resolution.

How can I promote an Event I’m watching?

It’s easy to share what you’re watching with your friends and the online community!
You can promote the event or post on an event through several ways.

Tweet a link to the Event via Twitter or Like it on Facebook.

My work computer requires the use of a VPN Connection and/or Proxy, will this interfere with video?

Yes they can. If you are using a VPN Connection or Proxy and are having problems with video, then you should disable them and try to access the event again.

Can I view live video on a mobile device?

We currently support iPad Gen 1 and up, iPod version 5, iPhone v. 3 and up, Droid devices running 4.4.2 and backwards compatible to 3 versions,

PS3, XBOX, and Samsung Galaxy 5. We have reports that Nook and Kindle users are able to access the streams as well, but do not officially support these devices.
You’ll probably have to install a Flash player to watch live video on a phone or device. Below are a couple articles on how this can be done.

Article 1

Article 2

If the channel you’re trying to watch isn’t mobile compatible, you may be running into bandwidth issues.
Connect via a hard-wired connection if possible.

Android Our tech support staff uses Droid devices,
and they use the Player MX app and the Firefox or Chrome browser. The Dolphin browser may be buggy.
MXVideo Player

iDevice users on older devices may need to install a Flash compatibility app.
We are unable to provide support for these 3rd-party apps.

Here are a few that users tell us work:
(remember to enable the lightning bolt)


When I try to purchase/watch a game I get an application error.

This usually happens because of caching issues, or a non-compatible browser.
IE 9/10 currently block live streaming by default – you must “enable content” when the yellow bar prompts you.
1) Clear your browser cache and cookies. See instructions below. (takes you to a new site)
2) Restart your computer.
3) Try a different browser.

Page updated 6-2017
DISCLAIMER REGARDING CHANGING YOUR COMPUTER’S CONFIGURATION: Any change you make to your configurations is at your own risk. In no event shall Go Live Sports or any other GLSC entity be responsible or liable for any damage, failure, interruption or error to your computer, software and/or operating system with respect to any changes made based on the above suggested configurations.