Vintage Baseball Association Virtual Conference 2020 April 18th

Vintage Baseball Association Conference 2020 April 18th
11:30am – 5pm EDT
Each Session is 20 mins, followed by a 10 minute Q&A

An archive of this event will be available soon.

11:30 Summer of Beer and Whiskey, presented by Ed Achorn

12:00 The Story of Hamtramck Stadium, Then & Now, presented by Tom Derry

12:30 Women in Baseball: The Early Years, On the Field and Beyond, presented by Leslie Heaphy

1:00 The Case For Doc Adams Election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame, December 2020, presented by Corky Gaskell

1:30 Putting the “Fun” in Funding a Vintage Base Ball Program: How to Be Successful at Grant Writing, presented by Matt Stone

2:00 It’s a Mystery! Decoding the History in a Game-action Photo of 19th Century Base Ball, presented by Marcus Dickson

2:30 Base Ball Revolutionaries, presented by Greg Gajus

3:00 The Art of Podcasting Vintage Base Ball Interviews, presented by Rudy Frias

3:30 Historical Society-Base Ball Club Relations, presented by Dustyn Dubuque

4:00 Base ball and the Civil War, presented by Bruce Allardice

4:30 The 19th Century Pitcher,Charlie Sprague presented by Eric Miklich

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