Go Live Sports Cast of Trenton produces 4 programs for ESPN2 “The OCHO”

TRENTON, Mich. – Go Live Sports Cast is proud to announce four featured events for the ESPN2 branded day known as “The Ocho”.

On August 7th, 2019 the network turns over its content to the wacky and wonderful world of offbeat sports. Go Live Sports Cast (a division of Soundque Multimedia) produced four individual segments between Jan and August of 2019.


Starting with Michigan based events and growing carefully, Soundque Entertainment (through its online sports channel Go Live Sports Cast) has produced hundreds of events for broadcast. A staple on the digital ESPN3 channel for years, this is their first set of shows for ESPN2.


“When we started this company I always wanted big networks to notice our clients.  For the last 5 years we’ve had a long-term contract for ESPN3 but are now providing shows for ESPN2. CBS Sports and Fox Sports have also been part of our broadcast roster. ESPN always jokes on our phone calls that we are their go-to for niche sports”, states Frank Mazzella, owner of Soundque/GLSC.  “We love coming up with different sports to introduce to the ESPN audience. I really enjoy doing a variety of events and working with a lot of different people from Franco Harris to Paul W Smith.”


The network has featured two of our events on all of its outgoing press, the US Pizza Trials, where pizzaolos from all over the US compete in largest dough stretch, fastest pie making and box folding and acrobatic pizza twirling for a spot on the US National Pizza team. At the end of the season, they compete in Italy at the World Championships.  The Ocho will feature the January event in its lineup, airing at 12 noon Eastern.


Directly after the pizza trials, viewers can watch the 46th annual Professional Cherry Pit Spitting from Eau Claire, Michigan. 11 spitters compete for a grab bag of prizes and bragging rights. Mazzella will be behind the mic for the Cherry Pit Spitting, bringing his dry sense of humor to the play by play call.


Mackinac Island was the location for the broadcasts of the 51st National Stone Skipping tournament, which will air at 6am.  Multiple Guinness Book record holders are featured in this broadcast, Michigan radio personality Paul W Smith calls play by play.


The schedule rounds out with Lumberjills and jacks in Hayward, WI competing in 24 events, including logrolling, boom running, sawing, chopping, and speed climbing  at the Lumberjack World Championships.  This event took place August 1st-3rd, and presented a unique challenge in order to turn it around in time for the August 7th airdate. The timber sports air at 3:30am on the 7th.


“Having such a tight turnaround time really creates some unique logistical challenges in both live and post operations” says Kelly Rinne, who has handled the tech ops end of the company since its inception. “We may get tired after a long day, but it’s a guarantee we are never bored. We hope everyone watching has as much fun as we had when putting together the programs”


Since 2004, Go Live Sports Cast (a division of Soundque Multimedia) has been one of the longest running providers of live and archived Internet video streaming services in the Midwest.  Its focus is to bring TV quality broadcasting online, and to IPTV for millions of sports fans internationally.

Go Live Sports Cast includes in its client base the USPBL, USAFL, the Vintage Baseball Association, IFF, Pickleball, Soccer, Hockey and a variety of other sports.

To find out more about Go Live Sports Cast or to discuss bringing your sporting event to a larger audience,  go to http://golivesportscast.com/.


The Ocho Programming Schedule

Wed, Aug 7 

51st National Stone Skipping Competition

ESPN8(2)  3:30 a.m.

World Lumberjack Championship

ESPN8 (2)     6 a.m.

2019 US Pizza Team Trials

ESPN8(2)     Noon

46th Annual Cherry Pit Spitting Championship

ESPN8(2)   1pm


* Schedule subject to change

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